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Playing Jesus

Last weekend, I had the privilege of portraying the one and only Jesus Christ in an Easter Play*.  WOW!  What an experience that was!!

Two thoughts pressed on my mind the entire time:

  1. This is how people should see me on any given day and not just during a play: A picture of The One Who loves and gave Himself for them.  Otherwise, I’m not representing Him well!
  2. If I’m to portray Jesus correctly, there has to be a lot less of me seen and much more of Him visible through me; and, in order for that to happen, I have to know Who He really is, not just Who I think Him to be. (It’s so important to be diving daily into His Word and doing the research!)

Christ the Lord is risen today!

Have a happy Easter, rejoicing in what Jesus has done for us!


If you wear the title “Christian”, there is always someone watching you, whether you realize it or not, to see how Christ would handle the situation, whether you handle it as He really would or not!


Has there been a time when you’ve realized that others were watching you to see WHO JESUS IS?…Please share.

(*SIDE NOTE: If you would like to view the performance of “Bow the Knee” that I was in, click HERE.)


One thought on “Playing Jesus

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