Accountability / Personal Responsibility

The Best Way to Show You Know

In Seth Godin’s recent blog post, he asks a perfectly legit question: “What…counts as actually knowing?” [truncated for broader application]

I think we all should be asking ourselves this question, because we’re all accountable for the outcome of our knowledge, individually and corporately.

We’re all being tested on WHAT we know.
We’re all being tested on WHEN we know it.
We’re all being tested on HOW WELL we know it.
AND it is very apparent when we DO NOT know it.

Seth’s answer is very insightful, so I encourage you to fixate on it: “For me, doing is at the core of it. If you’ve done something with what you’ve learned, then maybe you know it.”

DOING expresses your knowledge.
DOING puts your knowledge on a platform.
DOING elevates people’s confidence in your knowledge.

In order for our lives, our society, our world to improve, we must push beyond the difficulty of DOING.

I’m quite certain that the majority of us will try to DO better, so I will remind you of what an old sage once taught me: “DO or DO NOT.  There is no try.” ~ Yoda

So, I have a personal question for us: What should I be DOING with the KNOWLEDGE I possess?

Actually, I have a follow-up question, as well: What should I stop saying I KNOW because I’m NOT DOING it?

#YourMove  #ThingsThatKeepMeAwakeAtNight


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