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 Whether you may realize it or not, this is what your frequent use of curse words is saying about you:

(in no order of importance)

1. You are inconsiderate of those within earshot that may not care to hear such vulgar terms, especially children.

2. You are bowing to peer pressure (what’s considered “cool”, rebelling against authority, etc.), desperately seeking the approval of others, allowing them to choose your actions.

3. You have a limited vocabulary, exhibiting your lack of learning, OR WORSE, you CHOOSE to use a limited vocabulary, demonstrating your lack of creativity.

4. IF you dare to use the name of God (ex.: OMG!) or His Son, Jesus Christ, in such a careless and vain way, you DO NOT respect the One Who created you. (BTW, how do you know that Jesus’ middle name begins with an “H” OR that He even has one? #Curious)



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