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Patience Is a “B” (Rating Patience)

Dear God,
Patience is overrated.  You probably give her a “10” every time You see her in action, but I’m thinking a “2” is actually more fitting.  I believe she’s overconfident in her abilities.  It may be because people keep labeling her “a virtue.”  Maybe a little humbling is in order, huh?  IF You agree, then will You please, for the love of You, part this “sea” for me immediately? #2Birds1Stone  You definitely wouldn’t hurt my feelings any, and I might even rate Patience a little higher next time.  Who knows?!  Oh, yeah, that’s right…You do know.  Will You, at least, teach me how to ride these waves a little better?  I’m tired of being knocked off my board so frequently, gasping for air, feeling like I’m being sucked to the bottom of the ocean.  I mean, that’s cool and all, IF You’d rather I see what it looks like down there.  It’s just that I feel like I’m almost getting the hang of it, when…uh, yes, Sir, I do still need to learn a greater sense of dependence on You.  Thanks for never giving up on me, being so patient–dang it!  Yeah, I see what You’re saying; maybe a “4” is more accurate…Anyhow, forty years is a long time to do anything, so before You sentence me to the wilderness, please relieve me of my pension for complaining.  Yes, I agree; there’s plenty to be thankful for, too.  In fact, thanks for all You do to help me through any given day! Most of the time, I’m so into myself that I’m unaware of the many blessings You’re performing on my behalf.  If You’d like to make me more aware, then You could start with this “sea” in front of me.  What’s that?  Yes, yes, I suppose You’re right.  I do need to be a little more patient.  I’m not going any higher than a “5”, though; she’s good, but she also produces a lot of pain, too.  Yes, I trust You…and until next time I want to complain, I still remain…
Your Son-in-Faith,

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