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The Journey, Not The Destination

“Enjoy the journey, Son,” my Father says.
“I am, DAD, but it will be so much better when I reach the end, my destination,” I reply.
“Will it?” He pauses, giving me time to reflect. “By then, you will have missed many joys that I’ve planned for you along the way.”
“Well, I think it will be joyful to reach ‘The Finish Line’ of this detour,” I insist.
“It’s not a detour, dear one; it’s my design to make you better,” he says assuredly.
“Oh.” I exclaim in bewilderment. [How did I miss that?!]

One thought on “The Journey, Not The Destination

  1. Thanks for remembering me and sending this my way. I am currently having problems with WordPress sites. I can receive the blog but have issues with opening them due to my still using Windows XP and IE 8. Can only see part of the image at present. Please keep sending articles as you see fit, as I can receive and read the email. Good to keep in touch.

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