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Life Is So Warm (and It Could Be Warmer)

My wife, Katie, and I had lunch with two of our favorite people recently.  They are an older couple, which in this case also means wiser couple, who can be defined as gentle and trustworthy.  You may know them, too, and know that what I’m saying about them is true.  Sonny & R.B. Craft are very intelligent, very knowledgeable people; but Sonny knows a little more than the majority of us about death. She knows what it feels like to die.  She is a nurse and, as caring as she is, has probably held onto people as they’ve been declared deceased; but, no, I’m not talking about feeling death in that way.  For a few minutes, she experienced clinical death.

Now, many people have claimed to die and come back; but to me, Sonny’s death and resuscitation is not the most intriguing part of her story.  It is her explanation of dying that is noteworthy…

  • She remembered thinking that death was inevitable, because she felt warmth leaving her body.
  • She sensed everything getting colder and darker and just wanted to return to the warmth and light, but wasn’t able.
  • “It was awful…just awful,” Sonny said.

Since we’ve heard and seen death portrayed countless times in movies, plays, etc., we can care a little less about “The Final Curtain” than is healthy.  I’m definitely not going to scold you over that, because I’d be the first to stand in line for the lashing.  And, I’m not going to discuss what happens after death…I’m sure you can find plenty of good material on that from theologians smarter than I.  However, I would love for you to be able to embrace life, much the same way you wrap a warm blanket around your freezing body.  And I believe that warmth begins when you stop ignoring Death and looking for ways to escape it.

Death is inevitable.

At this moment, you could probably call this post “A Variation on the Theme of Death”, since it follows so closely behind my introspection over Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s unexpected departure from this world; but I’d rather you view it as a call to bask in the warmth of Life.

“Life is so warm,” said Sonny.  It’s 98.6° to be exact, and that’s very warm indeed.  You know this if you’ve ever been outside when the sweltering heat of the sun has risen to that level of warmth, but I’m really not discussing temperature here.  When we live with purpose and intentionality, Life becomes truly living and not simply existing.  See the difference?

If you begin a relationship with the One Who formed you in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13),…

If you begin a relationship with the One Who has a planned purpose for you (Jeremiah 29:11),…

If you begin a relationship with the One Who is deeply interested in who you are now AND who you will become (Matthew 10:29-31),…

Don’t you think it stands as good reasoning to say you would feel warmer toward living?

On the flip side, Sonny said that death is so cold.  I’d say death is as cold as it gets.  When the temperature of your body is 0°, you’re dead!  There is no life in you.  At that point, your heart is not beating, but has become as hard and dead as stone. (Ezekiel 36:22-28)

The good news (or, literally, the gospel) is that Life can be warm again…just as it was with Sonny.  That warmth of Life comes from the Son (of God)…Jesus Christ. (John 5:21-26)

When “Doubting Thomas” had his concerns about knowing which way to go, Jesus clearly proclaimed that He was the Way, the Truth and the Life…and that absolutely no one would receive that Life apart from choosing to go through Him. (John 14:5-6)

When we choose Christ, our lives are not only “warmer” (full of Life), but have meaning beyond ourselves.

Go ahead!  Bask in the Son.  I dare ya!  You’ll find your reason for living, because Jesus IS Life; and where there is Life, there is always warmth!



  • There are too many people taking their own lives, feeling desperate and hopeless.  It shouldn’t be this way, and if more people made living for Jesus their goal, I believe it wouldn’t be.
  • Jesus Christ is the true source of hope and joy!
  • A life lived without Jesus as its pursuit feels like Death, and in actuality, IS Death!


  • Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?  Have you ever considered going to church for help?
  • Has your life felt unfulfilled, making you believe there is no greater purpose for living?
  • Have you ever considered that Jesus Christ is the answer to an unfulfilled life?

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